Way to go Whitney!

Way to go Whitney

Meet our Super Mami Contest Winner Whitney! Whitney used our 10 week Super Mami Teatox Kit and lost a whopping 29 pounds in 3 months! She won a free 10 week kit ($99.99) Value! She is truly an inspiration, and also proves you can totally transform your body, even after 40!!

Message from Whitney:

The Swami Mami Teatox Kit is a huge bonus to add to your healthy lifestyle goals. I ordered the 10 week teatox kit, when my friend Jamah recommended it.

I have so many people asking me how I lost weight. I believe I tapped into an embodiment of me & my body and just believed that I could change my body. I let go of all judgments I have and really developed a deeper connection to my body, mind & spirit. I prayed and practiced gratitude everyday. I love my body & it loves me back:)

For every workout I gave thanks & gratitude, I thank my body for all it is…may sound weird but it works. I give gratitude to all my love & support in my life…my family, my teachers, my support, friends, co-workers, my tea provider, my wraps, my energy workers and my yoga.

Way to go Whitney

I had energy work done on my body every 1-2 weeks, that to most people sounds weird, I know.

But practically I developed a plan, I researched, talked to all my friends and I checked in with my self and asked questions…like:
What am I really good at?
What am I really weak at?
What can I change in my life? If so, can I really?
What can I absolutely not live without?
Where do I make good eating choices? bad choices?
What food should I add to my diet? What should I get rid of?

I discovered what my strengths & weakness were in regards to eating habits.

Then I implemented all that:

The 1st step is to believe you can do it…have a target in mind, example a realistic goal weight.

Then to take that 1st step…often the hardest.

Tell everyone what you are doing, or do it with a group, accountability and support is huge. I have connected with so many people because of this:)

As far as food, in the beginning I was strict for 2 weeks:
No alcohol
No processed food, organic when possible
No unnecessary carbs
Increased my protein intake
Lots of water!!
And of course I drank Swami Mami Teas morning and night. 5 days a week!!

I kinda followed this “base” meal plan:

For breakfast I ate a protein smoothie with coconut milk and 1/2 banana, maca powder & flax seeds.

Snack choices: eggs, apple, rice cakes with almond butter and almonds, some days I juiced.

Lunch was my favorite meal consisting of a salad, and a protein source such as quinoa, beans, grilled chicken & fish.

Dinner consisted of similar

Dessert: dark chocolate.

Of course I ate a lot more than that..but that was basically what I stuck too.

The biggest and most important thing I would tell people is to plan!!! Pick a day to buy the food, cook & prepare your meals for 5 days…this is huge!!

Foods to avoid: I avoided all processed foods, unnecessary carbs, dairy, grains, sugars and basically a non-inflammatory diet.

Foods that are a must: veggies, protein, almonds and a good protein powder.

After a workout, I made sure I got protein back into my body within 60min* very important.

For exercise: move your body! Ask what your body likes, I love yoga, running, hiking and Orangetheory Fitness but find what works for you and do something everyday, unless your body says…rest, then you rest.

I basically took it a day at a time, there were weeks where I didn’t lose weight, but I didn’t worry, I just believed.

I found ways to be inspired, a friend, my clothes fitting different, my skin looked better, my energy improved….Find something that inspires you!!

Love Whitney