33 Weight Loss Bloggers You Should Know About

33 Weight Loss Bloggers You Should Know About

Losing weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been easy. We all know its quite a struggle for most of us – especially with the upcoming holidays. Nevertheless these bloggers are living proof that attaining a weight loss goal is possible with persistence, motivation and a bit of sass.

Read on and learn their fascinating weight-loss stories and set a couple of your own goals. These amazing blogs are in no particular order, we like to keep things random. Cheers!

Blogging Runner

Blogging Runner

Like most people, life got busy and before Emily knew it, she became inactive and 50 pounds overweight. She figured recording it would keep her on course, when she decided to get in shape in 2011.

Even with injuries and also the craziness of routine life, Emily never backs out on her commitment to fitness. In case you’re looking for some inspiration to get fit, check out this award winning website!

Why does Swami Mami love Blogging Runner? “I want to document my desire to pick up all of my tiny jaded pieces, in order to reinvent the life I am living for the better.”

We love her realistic approach to living a healthier life, you’re an inspiration!

Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie

Emmie Sandford is a 32-year-old blogger on a mission. She’s determined to document the good, poor, and the ugly of her weight reduction journey in Authentically Emmie (formerly Skinny Emmie). And she’s committed to reaching her goal in style, with daily dedication to fitness, healthful eating, and trend.

A well-known blogger, trend-lover, social media marketer and writer, Emmie’s website isn’t just about reaching a goal weight. It’s about taking it one day at a time as she goes from 455 pounds to “whatever healthy looks like” for her. Emmie’s already lost over 113 pounds, but this’s way from stopping her. Emmie’s blog inspires others, and it gives people the right release to chuckle at witty humor, look at pretty clothing, read honest product reviews and even partake in interesting giveaways.

Why does Swami Mami love Authentically Emmie??We absolutely adore how she has taken her health seriously and looks amazing throughout her progress.

Looking good Emmie!!

The Sassy Pear

The Sassy Pear

Jill is on the journey to slowly but certainly produce a brand new, healthy life for herself. Jill knows that even when the focus is weight loss, life intervenes with and it’s not the only thing we have to think of.

That’s why her website is so much more than just tracking the pounds on the scale. It’s about discovering a purposeful, permanent way of living a healthy life. That’s the sort of weight loss and fitness goal which everyone can appreciate.

Why Swami Mami adores The Sassy Pear??This 40 something trying to lose 40 pounds speaks about her amazing journey. We love her real and raw approach to not only changing the foods you eat and your exercise routine, but her journey to change her thoughts about her own body. We love Jill!

Ronis Weigh

Ronis Weigh

Roni (Veronica) Noone is just a serious win. She’s a mommy, blogger, and woman who was fighting body image issues for a long time. She’s also achieved a fixed weight and healthy lifestyle–and has the graphs and photos to show it on Just Roni.

Roni keeps herself accountable while encouraging others to fight for a healthier life and also a slimmer waistline. Full of insights into weight loss and fitness, this blog catalogs Roni’s personal weight reduction and healthy lifestyle journey.

Why does Swami Mami love Ronis Weigh? She has worked her butt off (literally) and kept in great shape for years. She doesn’t give up and is an inspiration to everyone out there looking for long term health and wellness.

It Sux to Be Fat

It Sux to be Fat

From recipes to weekly weigh-ins and reviews, Jennifer is dedicated to inspiring and stimulating people to achieve and maintain a wholesome lifestyle through her blog.

With tips on goal setting as well as a focus on making little changes during an extended time period, this blog traces rewards and all the challenges that come with a weight loss plan.

Why does Swami Mami love It Sux to Be Fat? “One NO at a time”…

She is realistic and gives great advice, one no at a time is just one simple rule that could help us all so much!

Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness is really a no nonsense blog dedicated to those who don’t believe sweating and starving are fun. Started by Jan Graham aka Crabby McSlacker in 2007, this website is under no illusion that everyone is destined for a size 2, or utterly enthused about hauling their bums off the sofa.

Instead, she supplies real life spunk and matter-of-fact guidance for committing to fitness from a realistic standpoint. She believes that even the crankiest among us can reach a comparatively peaceful relationship with fitness – – after a reasonable number of kicking, crying, and cupcake eating.

Why does Swami Mami adore Cranky Fitness? Maybe it’s because Jan Graham can laugh at herself and give herself the name “Crabby McSlacker”, or maybe it’s just because she is one bad ass woman! OK, it’s both!!

Brooklyn Fit Chick

Brooklyn Fit Chick The Brooklyn Fit Chick has a well rounded strategy to a healthier lifestyle: cycling, a love for food, along with a penchant for fantastic television shows. Her energized blog keeps things upbeat and interesting for fat loss candidates attempting to stay informed about the greatest magazine articles, workout videos, and weight loss techniques.

As a personal trainer focused on fitness and nutrition, this blogger really knows her stuff! If you want to understand the techniques or be educated on fitness, this fit chick is certain to please.

Why does Swami Mami love Brooklyn Fit Chick? Simple. She’s a Brooklyn chick and us New Yorkers have to stick together! Ok… and also she has amazing tips, reviews some of the best products, and is all around one cool chick!

Yum Yucky

Yum Yucky Yum Yucky could be the website which makes weight loss doable for real moms with devotion to things like cake, kids, and procrastination. Here, she offers information and advice about the suggestions that really worked for her – – even after having four children.?Follow along with Josie’s in home work out strategies and learn about “covetous” eating. Try several recipes, snap your “before” image, and learn about the appetizing food you should be eating.

Why does Swami Mami love Yum Yucky? This amazing mother of 4 not only looks crazy good after having 4 kids, she looks better than she did before having her babies! Through sweat, tears and humor, Yum Yucky is absolutely inspirational!

Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

Does this blog make us look fat Their hilarious approach to healthy eating as well as sustainable weight loss makes this website a delight to read for anyone looking for approaches to support their diet.?They know that different strategies work for different folks, and they’re not interested in pushing a particular diet plan or weight loss program.

Why does Swami Mami adore Does this blog make us look fat? Because Robin and Rebecca are an amazing duo, Rebecca is an Emmy winning television journalist and Robin is an attorney, a teacher, and a worry wart. Together they give great tips with a ton of humor!

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat Monica’s earlier life consisted of fighting food. But disordered eating habits and an obsessive chain of bad diets taught her an important lesson: eating good and exercising right are healthy strategies to food and fitness.

Now in a healthy cycle of Run Eat Repeat, Monica shares her story of fighting to keep a healthy relationship with food and physical activity. Her site is a wonderful documentary of her toils to balance her love for eating while still training for marathons.

Why does Team Swami Love Run Eat Repeat? “I love champagne and have officially decided to drink it all the time and not just special occasions” says Monica.

“Fabulous!” says Team Swami Mami.

Losing Weight in the City

Losing weight in the city Losing Weight in the City can be a huge challenge. Theodora knows that eating take out, endless nibble parties and skipping workouts could be major roadblocks to weight loss. She offers her suggestions to help it become clear that it could be achieved no matter the obstacles. Stop by and read just what this three-time marathoner has to say!

Why does Swami Mami love Losing Weight in the City? Again, we love our fellow NYC girls! Theodora is realistic about weight loss: ” I absolutely love my wine, so I will eat a little less or a little better if I know that I am having wine at night.” She has learned the magic of moderation (50 pounds lighter), and shares her entire journey. Give it a read, you won’t regret it!

No Thanks to Cake

No Thanks to Cake Kelly is making a serious obligation to weight reduction by simply saying No Thanks to Cake. Well, that and a few days of exercise each week, a group of healthful recipes, and a fresh perspective about wellness. She is currently working her way down from 256 pounds, and documenting her progress on the way.

Growing up in the South, Kelly understands the allure of fried foods, desserts, and also the urge to eat emotionally. But she’s made a fresh life for herself and has the site (and the 82 pound weight loss) to show it.

Why does Swami Mami love No Thanks to Cake? Her recipes… her positive attitude… her jewelry… her everything! We love Kelly and you will too!

Runs for Cookies

Runs for Cookies Katie knows what it is to love, love, love cookies (and all other sweet things). Despite this apparent weight reduction handicap, she has succeeded in losing 125 pounds and preserving her new weight through a balanced method of diet and exercise.

Kate’s success is possibly due as much to her realistic approach to keeping the sweet things in life because it’s as a result of her work and dedication. Follow her weight-loss story and learn how she keeps it off–despite her dessert habit–in Runs for Cookies.

Why does Swami Mami love Runs for Cookies? She lost over 125 pounds… NATURALLY!! She could have gone for surgery but didn’t, and we absolutely salute and praise her!

Prior Fat Girl

Prior Fat Girl Previously 240 pounds, this weight loss inspiration found it within herself to quit giving into excuses and to take control of her life and her health.

Even better, Jennifer wants her readers to eventually become past fat girls also. And she’s ready and rarin’ to show them how to do it. Learn how she overcame emotional trauma as well as a life of unhealthy habits to give to a healthful, wholesome lifestyle.

Why does Swami Mami love Prior Fat Girl? For this simple quote “Life is hard, If you want something, you will have to do the work to get it. I am a real person. I did this by myself. I am real, what I did was real, and you can do this too!”

She knew this journey wouldn’t be easy and really tells it like it is, we think she is awesome!


Fitnessista Who would not want to hear about fashion, food, and fitness? Not us! So, Fitnessista is our go-to blog. Authored by mom Gina and wife, this site is all about simple, effective workouts and healthy eating. Gina is also a fitness educator and knows how hectic life can get, and that means you wont want to miss her work out quickies.

Whether you’re looking for tasty and nutritious meals, or just have to add something new to your work out, this blog is actually a must read.

Why does Swami Mami love Fitnessista? She is fabulous, plus we love the ease of her website. She keeps us up to date and has great advice!

Fit Sugar

Fit Sugar Wish to add just a little sweetness to your daily workout? Come check out Fit Sugar, a comprehensive blog devoted to providing the trendiest workouts and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle.

With recipes that will meet vegans, carnivores, and gluten free consumers, this site is one-stop store for thoughts on making wholesome and delicious cuisine. But that’s not all this site offers. Fitness videos, the newest scoop on star workouts, and dieting tips abound.

Follow these dedicated bloggers on their journeys to better health and weight reduction. Join the fantastic online community of people trying to seek out happiness and wellness through a healthy weight and a better lifestyle. You can certainly do it too–and write about it to inspire other people to do precisely the same.

Why does Swami Mami absolutely adore Fit Sugar? They have everything you will every need to get in shape, and thier videos are crazy good!! Fit Sugar is a daily stop for sure!

The World According to Eggface

The World according to Eggface Always the chubby kid in school, Shelly’s weight struggles followed her well into maturity. She opted for weight loss surgery, started eating healthy and exercising daily. The result? A 158 pound weight loss. Shelly uses her website as a platform to share her daily triumphs and battles as she works to preserve her weight, share products she uses to remain healthy and eat right.

Why does Swami Mami love The World According to Eggface? Can we mention that she calls herself Eggface? Ha… points in our book. Really though, she truly gives great advice for anyone who has undergone weight loss surgery. Even if you haven’t had the surgery, Shelly gives very sound advice for every one.

Learn Fitness

Learn Fitness Among the most fascinating things about reading Sean’s site is his capability to draw you in using the fact which he knows he’s way from perfect – and which he will have several successes and failures through the years as he works to remain in shape and lose weight. It’s that mindset that helped Sean lose a staggering 200 pounds. Sean enables himself room to make errors, but joins with people by offering inspiration for the road blocks and not being afraid of sharing his failures along with the triumphs.

Why does Swami Mami love Learn Fitness? Because like the rest of us Sean isn’t perfect… “I was embarrassed, scared, sad frustrated, angry and Motivated again!”

Sean may have slipped a bit, but he is back in the saddle, we salute him!


Diet Girl Learning to feel happier in her very own skin is really why Shauna started blogging in the very first place. Now, the Scotland-dwelling Australian blogger combines her passion to write with exercise, mindful eating and food journaling. She remains healthy and shares her journey with others. She even wrote a book on it, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, a heartwarming and funny memoir of love, life and lard. Her website, “Up & Running,” is a place where girls can take e-lessons to assist them learn how to run. Shauna has done some recent changes to her sites, but all is still wonderful, go have a peek.

Why does Swami Mami love Shauna at DietGirl? Here at Swami Mami we are world travelers, living both in Scotland and in Australia for awhile, and adore both! Geography isn’t the only thing that pulls us in though… Shauna is one amazing woman with a ton of knowledge, plus she is hilarious. Go check out her site, you won’t be disappointed.

Fit This, Girl!

Fit this Girl If you pull up this website and take a look at the photographs of Mary, it’ll be hard to ever imagine her as someone who struggled with weight. A personal trainer, trainer and figure competitor, Mary has quite an impressive resume. Nevertheless, it wasn’t always that way. Over 6 years before, Mary lost over 40 pounds, and has been on a journey to keep it away ever since. She began blogging, started running and ditched the unhealthy habits as a means to share her daily musings and ideas with others.

Why does Swami Mami love Fit This, Girl!: She is a no excuse machine! Her tips will squelch any excuse you come up with for why you’re out of shape. Best part… she was once just like you!

Ben Does Life

Ben does Life Lots of people who fight with weight control are quite unhappy with their lives. Ben was definitely no exception. For many years he let his weight spiral out of control, suffered from depression and felt depressed. So on Christmas Day 2008, after his grandma had questioned his happiness, he decided to make a change. He started his blog , and it has taken readers on his route from a 5K to two Ironmans, and everything in between. Ben also shares his story in his book Do Life, expecting that others can understand however awful it gets, there’s always the chance to make a change.

Why does Swami Mami love Ben Does Life: “If you want to do something with your life, if you really want to do it, just do it. I promise that you can. You just have to do it. And when you do, you willl be happier for it.”

We agree 100% Ben, good on ya!

A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss

Black Girls guide to Weight Loss At over gaining and 330 pounds, Erika was on a course of self-destruction that she knew she had to stop. Erika started to examine herself, and had what she refers to as a “fitness instant,” where a trip to the gym and the following number in the scale served her a tremendous reality check. Erika’s certainly not afraid to put everything out there. Her web site is creative and engaging, with trendy sections you’ll be able to visit such as, “Celeb watch,” “Exercises,” and even “Sex.”

Why does Swami Mami love A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss? “The knowledge that I have developed over this year will change my life, and it is unfair for me to horde it all for myself when I know my sisters ? regardless of whether or not youre a sista, per se :) ? could benefit from hearing it.”

She gets real and answers question a lot of women are afraid to ask, and we absolutely love her for it!!

Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise

Love to eat Hate to exercise Andra takes a distinctive way of her blog. She doesn’t only write posts to write them, she makes sure her readers have something incredibly fascinating to read. Andra credits her readers and her website with taking her from an unhappy, unhealthy person to a lively, healthy woman who lost over 90 pounds and continues to keep it off. Andra doesn’t believe in “magic bullets” to slim down, but rather takes a common-sense approach that includes healthy eating, fitness, dealing with emotions and much, much more.

Why does Swami Mami adore Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise? She learned what works best for her body and realized that paleo was what she worked best with. If anyone has wheat sensitivities, Andra is a great resource, plus she has a plethora of great recipes.

Can You Stay for Dinner

Please Stay for Dinner If you’ve spent your whole life being the “fat person,” then you will find Andie’s story incredibly touching and inspirational. She used her newfound drive to kickstart her life, one where she took a day-by-day strategy to weight loss – and one that she used to lose over 135 pounds. Andie’s site will have you licking your lips, as she shares delicious recipes and beautiful photos.

Why does Swami Mami adore Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise? Her amazing recipes and very clear guide on how to lose the weight. Our favorite is following the transformation her mom is now going through. Great work Andie and you look great mom!

Fit to the Finish

Fit to the Finish It’s difficult to locate a “most notable weight reduction blogs” list without Diane on it. Besides being a blogger, Diane is the author of 150 Pounds Gone Forever, where she divulges her experience going from a morbidly obese mother of 7 to a motivational speaker and on-line promoter thousands look to for encouragement.

Why Swami Mami loves Fit to Finish? It is pretty obvious, Diane has nailed it, and we think she is a total rockstar! You won’t regret following her advice, we absolutely loved her book 150 Pounds Gone Forever. If you’re looking for a life change, Diane is your woman!

Breakfast to Bed

Breakfast to Bed Cat is a vegetarian, which most people assume means she is at a healthy weight, not in Cat’s case. She loved to indulge in everything “Carb-tastic” and cheesy! She was over 300 pounds and very depressed, opting to go with surgery (which she describes as 2 years of hell). She truly turned her life around and has told her story in depth. Her website takes readers through loads of healthy recipes, step – by – step processes for things like home organization, enjoyable things she finds while surfing the internet and more. This Ohio to NYC actor is absolutely wonderful and very inspiring.

Why does Swami Mami love Breakfast to Bed? An amazing and hilarious (but very real) New York mom, actor, and healthy living enthusiast. “I wasnt always a fitness enthusiast. I didnt always eat a well-balanced diet. In fact, I was a heavytarian. This is what you call a vegetarian who mostly lives on complete crap.”

We have loved reading every one of Cat’s posts, we promise you will too!

Who Ate my Blog?

Who Ate my Blog When Stephen put his first before picture out there for the world to see, he actually encompassed everything it means to be exposed and also to trust a community for support. He weighed in at a shocking 632 pounds, a point where many folks would only quit. But not Stephen. Through eating right along with a love for running, he’s lost almost 300 pounds (and counting!). His blog is truly touching, and he truly embodies the expression, “It’s never too late.”

Why does Swami Mami adore Who Ate my Blog? Simple… Stephen has lost over 300 pounds, and still working on 100 more. He is very honest and realistic throughout his journey and is an absolute inspiration! Stephen gives hope to anyone who feels they may have lost it. We are always routing for you Stephen!

Go Goggy Go

Go Goggy Go Her site, “Go Goggy Go,” a name Katrin chose based on a nickname her brother had for her when she was a kid, has a capricious air about it – built straight into her style of writing. You’re sure to chuckle often and lift your eyebrows, impressed that a 50 something woman can eat such yummy-looking food on a normal basis, run a 10K and lose more than 60 pounds. Quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

Why does Swami Mami love Go Goggy Go? First off she has totally bashed that old rumor “You can’t lose weight after 50″… cause you can, and Katrin did, and we adore her!

Skinny Hollie

Skinny Hollie Like almost all of us who start a weight-loss journey, Hollie occasionally gets stuck. But she never lets that get her down, listing new goals and commitments often – commitments that she strives to keep. Hollie’s matter-of-fact writing style might be both comical and daunting, but always has an honest, real feel to it. In one post, Hollie expressed her frustration with the number on the scale staying put despite her best efforts for this to change. Rather than becoming discouraged, Hollie quickly changed her approaches, made a new record of commitments, and continues to take it day-by-day to keep her promises to herself.

Why does Swami Mami love Skinny Hollie? “Losing weight is so hard… It’s such a battle. It’s so tempting to just how in the towel and give up. But I absolutely refuse. I don’t believe I’m supposed to stay this size or this weight. “

Hollie, we love your honesty, we love your tell it like it is manner. We love that you have 4 kids, and even at times when you want to give up, you reevaluate your goals and keep at it. You are such an inspiration!

Skinny Jeans Dreams

My Skinny Jeans Dreams It’s not only the dynamic site graphics that’ll catch your eye if you visit Krystle’s site. Her photos are certain to draw you as they are evidence of a truly stunning transformation. Krystle dropped nearly 100 pounds, and her current photos make it difficult to ever imagine her as weighty, let alone fat. Krystle takes others on a journey through her many work out selections (she likes to change this up regularly!) and includes some healthy (and some not so-healthy) food into her food regime, showing others that it doesn’t take absolute deprivation and constant 2-hour workouts to shed weight and change your life.

Why does Swami Mami love Krystle at Skinny Jeans Dreams? Because she is super honest and hard working to obtain her goals. She is so much fun to read, and her journey will absolutely reflect in a lot of your own fears and struggles. She reached her goal, she is a total bad-ass and we love keeping up with her!

Happy Bubble Gal

Happy Bubble Gal You could say Vicki’s weight loss website is an up-and-comer. She’s using it as a platform to start herself into meeting her 60 pound weight reduction target, and here’s the thing: she’s doing a darn good job. Reading through her site, it is going to become quite clear that no matter the ups-and-downs, Vicki’s commitment to losing weight and changing her life is wholesome and blunt. She shares her food selections, her exercise routines, her eagerness and even the occasional letdown. Her website is ideal in case you’re looking to follow along with somebody from the beginning – someone who will quite likely get there shortly.

Why Swami Mami loves Happy Bubble Gal? Cause she’s happy! Also, her simple love of painting her nails because it keeps her busy and keeps her from eating is genius in our book. Plus her nail designs are uber cute!!

Kathy’s Journal

Kathys Journal With a name like this, it’s no surprise that Kathy has amassed numerous followers (651 members and thousands of pageviews to date). Kathy’s posts are about a great deal more than her diet and fitness routines; they’re about her thoughts and emotions, fascinating tidbits she finds and her personal battle with weight. Kathy joins with readers because her blog is very, very personal, but also amusing and comical.

Why does Swami Mami love Kathy’s Journal? “What I do have is truth for me. Yes, that’s it. A truth for me. It may not be your truth. But it is mine. Maybe you will learn more about me than you wanted to know. But you know what? That’s OK with me”

Kathy, we love your honesty and all your “weird” stuff… keep it comin’!

Too Hottie For That Body

Too Hottie 4 that Body Nina has a flair for the remarkable. She doesn’t only like to monotonously go through what she ate or her weekly workouts, but rather writes with an edgy style that sets her apart from numerous others. Now, she weighs in at 189. As a former athlete, Nina has never been a small girl. Growing up, she was even called “Haus,” because of her uncanny strength and size for a girl – a nickname Nina sometimes fought to accept. But Nina is rather distinctive and exquisite – and following along with her as she embraces that beauty, gets fit and accepts herself is something you won’t need to miss.

Why does Swami Mami love Too Hottie for That Body? We love that Nina is a true athlete, “I was that chubby girl who could run circles around the skinny-fat girls.” We love her, and her journey.