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Fair Trade Organic

In recent years, there has been an explosion of press about social, economic and environmental responsibility around the world. More of us are opening our eyes to environmental destruction, socioeconomic inequality, and the exploitation of workers in underdeveloped countries. It can seem overwhelming; one person can only do so much. But it's easier than you might think to vote with your dollars and act on the fact that you are conscious of the impact your purchases have on the lives of other people.

We built our business with all of our partners based on trust, teamwork, honesty and mutual respect. We expect all of our business partners to operate on the same principles. At the core of the SuperOrganicFoods.com ethic is the belief that we are a company comprised of many different kinds of people, appreciating individual diversity, and dedicated to equal opportunity for each individual.

Swami Mami Teas markets products for health and wellness consumers. At every step in that process, we are driven to do not only what is required by law, but what is right ethically. We expect our business partners to do the same. Swami Mami Teas partners with suppliers who share our commitment to best practices and continuous improvement in:

  1. Management practices that respect the rights of all employees, including the right to free association and collective bargaining.
  2. Minimizing our impact on the environment.
  3. Providing a safe and healthy work place.
  4. Promoting the health and well-being of all employees.

If you share a similar vision, your purchase from SwamiMamiTeas.com is not just a purchase, it’s a partnership in making the world a better place, one small step at a time.


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