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Turn off the Autopilot

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Have you ever played one of those online quiz games? My daughter played one the other day and I knew she was intrigued by it when it became a topic of conversation. The quiz was asking questions about the computer keyboard, like what letter is to the left of ‘r’. She’s a decent typist like most kids that have been brought up on technology (although she uses far less fingers than my ‘old school’ way), but she couldn’t answer any of the questions without looking. I have been typing for more years than I care to admit, but I would struggle to recreate the keyboard. My fingers are programmed to find the keys quickly and accurately without my making any conscious effort whatsoever. My thought process has been completely removed from the process. Now in the case of typing that’s actually a good thing, however with regards to eating it is never a good thing to remove conscious thought from the process. At Swami Mami we are big believers in making thoughtful decisions especially when it comes to things we consume. We can’t be on autopilot when it comes to eating!

We all know that mindless consumption has unfortunate ramifications, like excessive eating, poor nutrition, and many health issues. We’ve all done it, for many different reasons... we’re bored, or distracted, or in a hurry, or it’s just sitting there! I’m sure you can supply a few of your own. Swami Mami is dedicated to helping our ‘team’ become more thoughtful about what they eat everyday.

The best way to avoid mindless eating is to surround yourself with good food choices. By reading labels and having supplies of fruits and vegetables to snack on, you have already put significant thought into your food and then whatever you grab will be a good choice. And by all means start with the Swami Mami tea labels. Every ingredient is natural. Every ingredient is beneficial. Every ingredient is pure. Having your Swami Mami Tea is a good and thoughtful choice.

Then, in the midst of the chaos, we need to try to be present when we eat. If we mindlessly put food or drinks in our mouths, we don’t really register what we’re eating or how much we are eating and that’s obviously very bad. Part of what I love about the Swami Mami Teatox is that you can use those few minutes with your morning tea and with your evening tea to really reflect and be ‘present’ while you are consuming. An excellent habit to carry through to your entire day! What we put into our bodies is far too important to leave to unplanned, whatever’s available, distracted, mindless consumption. Along with Swami Mami, we can start putting good, healthy, and thoughtful back into our diets and disengage the autopilot. With Love, from the Swami Mami Team!


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