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Powerhouse Ingredient: Licorice!

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Licorice in tea? Well, yes, but not the licorice you may be thinking of. We did not put candy into your tea! In it’s true form licorice is an ancient herb, a root actually, also known as sweet root, cherished for centuries. And that sweet root is one of the powerhouse ingredients in Swami Mami’s Teas.

Licorice’s popularity spans the globe. In China, it has been favored for over 5,000 years. In Egypt, King Tut was buried with an ample supply, apparently he didn’t want to be without it in his next life! And as for the Greeks and the Romans, the titans of their civilizations, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, were known to have enjoyed staggering amounts of licorice. Why so popular? Licorice didn’t get the name ‘sweet root’ for no reason, the active compound in it is 50 times sweeter than sugar. Perhaps that led to its time-tested popularity! But there is far more to licorice than sweetness.

Although it is certainly pleasant on the tongue, there are many other reasons to love licorice. Ancient European herbalists knew there was something special to this root and prescribed it often when their patients were complaining about problems in their chest. Perhaps they weren’t scientifically clear as to why licorice was so effective in combating coughs and congestion, but the bottom line was - they knew it was effective.

Modern science revealed the potency behind the sweet. Licorice, very similar in structure to the steroids found naturally in our own bodies, is an anti-inflammatory. Acting like cortisone, licorice eases coughing and congestion whether from chronic conditions like bronchitis or asthma, or just the common cold. Certainly a handy ingredient to have around during the cold and flu season!

In modern times, herbalists recognize licorice’s anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties and often prescribe it for patients suffering from asthma, hay fever, and seasonal allergies.  Licorice is just one of the powerhouse ingredients that Swami Mami has in its Get Lean and Get Clean teas to bring its benefits to you on a daily basis right inside your tea cup.

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