2 easy weight loss exercises you can do at home

2 easy weight loss exercises you can do at home

Here are a couple of simple home exercises to help you get trim and toned. These exercises will help speed up your weight loss while saving you time and effort. Here at Swami Mami, we love moving our bodies, and feel exercise is an integral part of being your healthiest self. We don’t always have a ton of time to get a full workout in everyday, these two exercises you can do everyday.

Easy Home Exercises for Women

1. Jumping jacks

These are beyond simple. Everyone knows about how to do jumping jacks! We had to do them in gym class all the time. They are super simple, yet super effective.

I recommend that you do them for 1 minute at a time, with 30 second breaks in between, and do 10 sets.

2. Stair walks

Or stair runs… or both. Here’s the deal. Give 10 straight minutes to walking up and down the stairs within your house, condo building, or apartment building. If you do not have access to any stairs, then substitute this exercise with high knees (running in place bringing your knees up high).

That’s it.

If you are doing high knees do them in 30 second intervals, 30 seconds of high intensity, then 30 seconds of stretching, repeat for 10 minutes.